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Style Stage Sell

Unique to the Perth market, we don’t just list homes for sale, we style and stage them too. Our complimentary 'Style Stage Sell' service is expertly designed to help sell your home faster and maximise sales value.

Here's how it works...

  1. Style

    A buyer's first impression is their only impression. We imagine and then create the best version of your home to help the widest range of buyers emotionally connect with the space.

  2. Stage

    Our treasure trove of furniture, plants, artwork and homewares will expertly transform your home. We know how to make rooms look more spacious, more inviting, and more desirable to potential buyers.

  3. Sell

    While we get you set for sale, we will also establish your marketing strategy, advertising and home open schedules. We are experienced negotiators, focussed on bringing you the best sales outcome.

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