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Top five buyer turn-offs

In the current market, it’s easy to get complacent and assume you will get top dollar for just about any property – but you’d be wrong. For your property to get the most optimal price, it’s worth being aware of the things that can dissuade buyers from making a purchase. From untidy homes to bad lighting and smells, here are our top five buyer turn-offs.

Ambiguous pricing methodology
From ‘expressions of interest’ to POA, there’s nothing that deters buyers more than ambiguous pricing on a property. Many people can’t be bothered calling the agent to find out more which is why we would suggest putting a price guide in place to give people some insight into your expectations. This also avoids wasting time with buyers who may not have the financial means to pay the price that you’re after.

Pushy salespeople
Just like when you enter a retail store and are hounded from the moment you arrive, there’s nothing worse than a pushy real estate agent. Nobody likes to feel pressured into anything and a pushy salesperson, can make potential buyers run for the hills. Not only does it look desperate, and as if there are no other interested parties, but it’s just not a very classy look.

When trying to sell a property, we believe in creating a natural, organic rapport with potential buyers which builds trust and ensures the building of a relationship over the long term.

Clutter & mess
Whether your home is untidy or the rooms just have too many things in them, there’s no doubt that mess and clutter are key buyer turn-offs.

Sort through your house methodically, room by room, discarding clutter as you go. Not only will your home look better during the sales period but you will have less to pack away when you are moving out. And if you have any larger, non-essential furniture items you could think about putting them in temporary storage to make your home feel more spacious.

Bad lighting
Lack of natural light, or dimly lit rooms, are a real deterrent when it comes to selling a home. The recent biophilic design trend proves that humans like to have a connection with the outdoors while inside and, in our experience, a lack of natural light can have a real impact on the sales price for a home.

And while a full renovation may not be possible, installing a skylight may be worth the time and expense. If structural changes are out of the question, you can always look at other ways of increasing light levels – swapping out heavy curtains for sheers and adding downlights, lamps and pendant lights are great ways to bring more light into a home.

Bad smells
Bad smells, such as pet odours or musty scents are a solid deterrent when it comes to selling a property. It sounds obvious but the number one way to make your home smell nice is to get some fresh airflow through it – make sure to open the doors and windows to flush out the stale air. You should also remove any smelly shoes that might live near the front door, clean the bins and bin cupboards, attend to any areas of mould or damp, make sure pet beds and litter trays are clean and attend to microwaves, dishwashers and fridges.

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