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Top five interior trends for spring

We’ve had a few warmer days here in sunny Perth, with spring most definitely in the air! And just as spring is a perfect time to declutter after hibernating in winter, it’s also a fabulous time to mix up your interior look. It could be as simple as swapping out some throw cushions or as involved as giving a wall a lick of paint. From gingham to curves and rattan, these are our top five interior trends for spring.

Curves: With modern interiors favouring straight lines for so long, it’s lovely to see the pendulum swing back in the form of the curve trend. From curved hallways to curved mirrors and styling piecess, curves are back and they are everywhere! And in uncertain times, these rounded shapes certainly have a protective, cocooning feel.

Gingham bed linen: There’s something super nostalgic about this trend and we are very much there for it. From classic navy and white to larger multi-coloured iterations it’s a look that is the little black dress of bedding – gingham bed linen looks fabulous in any bedroom.

Statement mirrors: No longer simply a place to fix your hair or apply make-up, the humble mirror has become a statement piece all of its own. From organic shapes to Art Deco inspired mirrors and rattan framed ones, not only will a well-placed mirror make a room feel more light-filled but the latest versions are almost like artwork for the walls.

The Middle of Nowhere mirrors come in fabulous organic shapes

West Elm have some great options including this Art Deco inspired number

Sage paint: Another interior trend to calm the senses, sage paint has been trending for a while now and it’s a lovely look for spring. Soothing and serene but also rather fresh, this looks fabulous on wall panelling (as per below) or even as a statement front door colour if you’re looking to mix things up with the turn of the season.

Kennedy Nolan’s celebrated Sandy Point project illustrates the beauty of sage green paint. Photography: Derek Swalwell

Photography: Derek Swalwell

Rattan: While not exactly a new trend (who remembers it from the 1980’s?!), rattan is still trending and we love it for its earthy, feel. From bedside tables to bedheads, pendant lights, chairs and mirrors, rattan is available in just about any form these days. And while it’s the perfect complement to a coastal interior it looks equally at home in an inner-city eclectic apartment too.

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