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Home staging: How much does it cost in Perth?

There’s no denying that the Perth real estate market has become increasingly sophisticated of late, with home staging and styling for sale a fairly accepted, almost requisite norm.

The art of presenting a home in its best possible light, professional home staging allows a buyer to instantly connect with a property and see themselves living there. Given it’s a sure-fire way to elicit an emotional response from a buyer, it’s easy to see why it’s proven to increase the sale price of a property. But it can be hard to figure out just what it costs.

And while the fees vary from stager to stager, in general you can expect to pay anywhere from $2000 to $5000 for a month of home staging – the cost depending on a variety of factors, outlined below.

Property size
Obviously the larger the home, the more furniture and styling items will be required to fill it. The number of rooms required to be styled determines how many items will be needed also, thus adding to the staging cost.

Furniture and styling requirements
One factor that has a significant bearing on cost is whether you’re planning on furnishing the home entirely, or whether a partial job will suffice.

Property campaign length
Home staging costs take into account the length of time your property will be on the market and thus the length of your property styling campaign. Most stagers offer a minimum of one month duration.

The quality of the stager (and their wares)
Generally, the more experienced the home stager the more they charge. The quality of their furniture and accessories will also play into their price – those with more premium stock will generally charge more for their services.

The Perth Property Co. difference: Why choose us?
Rather than charging a premium for our home staging expertise, our unique Style, Stage, Sell service is entirely complimentary. We have a revolving and evolving inventory of on-trend stock that we own (we don’t hire it) and we don’t charge for our styling time or the hire of our goods either.

When you work with us, we will style and stage your home for the entirety of its sales campaign, removing the furniture when an offer is unconditional, finance is approved, and all conditions are met. It’s an investment that we make with the aim of maximising the return on your property sale.

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