The Blog Property boom makes home staging more important than ever

Property boom makes home staging more important than ever

While there’s no doubt that Perth is currently in the midst of a property boom, it would be a mistake to think that presentation isn’t important when looking to sell your home. Recent comments in The West Australian newspaper, by one Perth real estate agent, suggested that in the current market, a home’s presentation is irrelevant and unlikely to impact on its sales potential. But we couldn’t disagree more.

While you may be able to sell your home sight unseen in the current market, with the right presentation, you will not only maximise your home’s sale price but also the speed of sale. And who wouldn’t want that?

We recently staged and sold this home for $50,000 more than initial predictions

How does home staging help you sell – even in a boom?

When it comes to home staging it’s all about allowing a prospective buyer to imagine themselves in the home. You know that feeling when you walk into a house and instantly feel at home? Professional staging is something of an emotional shortcut – it’s the best way to get as many people as possible to instantly connect with a space.

But, it’s much more than just simply dressing a house for a sale. It’s about creating a mood; not everyone can see a home’s full potential when it’s vacant or empty so staging helps buyers visualise the possibilities of a space as soon as they walk through the front door.

BEFORE dining

We styled this home recently and achieved a fabulous sales result. See the incredible ‘after’ pic below.

AFTER dining

AFTER The room was almost unrecognisable!

And it’s something that we offer at The Perth Property Co. As part of our complementary Style, Stage Sell service, we have a huge inventory of on-trend furniture, plants, artwork and homewares that we can bring into a home to expertly transform it. We know how to make rooms look more spacious, more inviting, and more desirable to potential buyers.

After all, if a buyer is looking to make a purchase, they will be considering all of the homes for sale in your area. And after running the numbers and comparing them for their number of bedrooms, block size and style, it’s the home that presents in the most attractive light that will have a competitive advantage over the rest.

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